It’s been three months since we last installed new subterranean termite monitoring blocks at Site 1 in San Jose. You’ll be surprised by the difference 90 days make.


Thrasher Termite & Pest Control is partnering  with University of California Cooperative Extension in a research study to evaluate subterranean termite bait systems over a two-year period. With the support of the homeowners, we selected three residential houses as  research sites. At each site we installed pairs of plastic below-grade stations around the perimeter of the house. One station in each pair contains a professional-grade subterranean termite bait, the other station contains non-toxic wood blocks for monitoring purposes. The monitoring stations are checked every three months to evaluate subterranean termite activity and to collect subterranean termite samples for DNA testing. The tests will help us determine the number of distinct subterranean termite colonies around each house.

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